Military mom faces being fired for talking to son.

This story is so absurd it seems unbelievable. Deployed to Afghanistan, Lance Corporal Mark Rhyne called his mom Teresa Danford. She answered and they talked. He seldom calls because he may have a chance to use a satellite phone about once a month. The next day she was suspended from work for three days and told if it happened again she would be fired. There is now a petition to force Crane Interiors to let Teresa talk to her deployed son.

This is also an example of why unions are important and why small details are negotiated in contracts. Some people cannot be trusted to use commonsense and know that employees have the right to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion. Read the story here.

See petition here.

The person who suspended and threatened to fire her is Larry Officer

To write the company.
Crane Interiors
200 Alexander Dr.
Woodbury, TN. 37190
Voice: (615) 563-4800
Fax: (615) 563-8178

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