Trump’s Narcissism Will Be His Downfall. (Link to Rolling Stone Article: Why Trump Is Not Mentally Fit to Be President)

Trump-headtitled-saying sometingDonald Trump’s central failing is his narcissism. His fragile ego is the result of his narcissism. His arrogance, lack of genuine curiosity, *intellect without discipline and use of power without constructive purpose are all results of his narcissism. It is his greatest impediment to a “competent” presidency and like Nixon’s paranoia, Trump’s narcissism will be his downfall.

Of course, the president is the central figure of the White House, but in government, he has two co-equals. This has frustrated him. So craving approval and worship, he takes respites from Washington and criticism in campaign-style rallies and adoring fans which have pulled him into a delusional world where he is at its center. And why do they love him so much? In the White supremacist worldview, Barack Obama is a political Jack Johnson and Donald Trump is their Great White Hope. Thus this base feeds Trump’s ego as he feeds them approval of their racism and bigotry. It must be the greatest feast his narcissism has ever enjoyed. He tapped into this pipe of approval and means of self-promotion many times over the years, but he found this altar surrounded by dedicated followers during his campaign. Where once he dabbled, he now seems willing to follow this new found source of adulation and glorification wherever it may take him.

To be fair, all of Trump’s supporters are not White supremacists, but they are willing to tolerate and associate with it. You can not stand anywhere near Trump and not be sprayed with the fecal matter of racism.

The fact that this person is president is really horrifying. Yet instead of dread, I feel a sense of history and a charge for us to act during this time; our time. My ancestors faced far worse than I do now. What dread one must have felt packed in cargo holds sailing from Africa to the western hemisphere. I know nothing about that kind of uncertainty. I can do this. We can do this.

For any Trump supporter surprised at his behavior and now find yourself repulsed by it, ask yourself, “Why am I surprised.” I contend you must look to yourself for the answer. There are those times when we must be honest with ourselves and ask, why did I do or think that? The answer will greatly help you know what to do next.

Read Rolling Stone Article: Why Trump Is Not Mentally Fit to Be President

* Mr. Spoke: Star Trek (TV Series) The Squire of Gothos (1967)
“I object to you. I object to intellect without discipline; I object to power without constructive purpose.”

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